magnetic paint

Magnetic Paint for Magnetic and Creative Wall Design

Magnetic paint is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a magnetic or creative wall design. It can be used on any surface and doesn’t require any special tools or skills. The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about painting over your masterpiece when you get tired of it!

Which magnets can be used on magnetic paint?

Not every magnet is suitable for our magnetic paints. As is the case with thin ferrofoils, ferrite magnets are usually too weak to hold objects on the wall. Much more suitable are neodymium magnets. These super magnets have a very high adhesive force and are available in many shapes. When choosing suitable magnets, it is also important to consider the thickness of the paint – that is, how many layers of magnetic paint you have applied to the surface in question. The thicker it is applied, the higher the magnetic strength.

Applying magnetic paint

You can treat the magnetic paint like any other wall or emulsion paint in your home. After you have prepared the surface, first mix the purchased paint from the magnet store, so that the contained iron particles can mix evenly with the paint particles. Then you paint. Here it does not matter whether you apply the paint L-shaped, wavy, or in a rectangle. The wall paint itself is not magnetic. However, due to the iron particles, it contains, super magnets adhere to the colored surface.

On what surface can I use magnetic paint?

With the practical magnetic paint, you can paint not only walls with wallpaper background or concrete but also furniture made of various materials.

How should the substrate be prepared?

Before you start painting, you should check the priming of your wall surfaces. Are you painting on plaster, wallpaper, or an already dried wall paint? In all cases – the substrate must meet certain requirements when dry.

For example, it must:

  • be solid
  • not be chalky
  • be even and straight

Before applying the special paint, you should remove non-load-bearing, old coatings or old glue paints. Also, you should consider not loosening old wallpaper before applying the magnetic paint to the surface in question.

How often does magnetic wall paint need to be painted?

One liter of magnetic wall paint is enough for up to six square meters of the surface with a single coat. We recommend applying at least two coats to the wall. This will result in a higher magnetic effect. Should our neodymium magnets develop their full attraction, we recommend even more frequent coats. With four coats of paint, there is enough iron powder on the wall to achieve an optimal result.

What tools do I need to apply magnetic wall paint?

Magnetic paints behave like conventional paints. Use suitable brushes or paint rollers for painting. The material of the brush does not matter for the functionality of the paint.

What can I do with a wall with magnetic paint?

Let your creativity run wild. With our magnetic paint, you can create oversized pinboards from conventional wall surfaces or even turn a wooden chair in your kitchen into a magnetic surface.

Wall design with magnetic paint

With magnetic paint, you can design a flexible magnetic wall and be creative! The mostly gray magnetic paint can be applied in very different shapes and subsequently designed with many different colors and magnets from the magnet-shop range. You can for example:

  • attach notes in the study
  • pin pictures to the wall in the children’s room
  • attach posters
  • etc.