quail eggs

The Benefits and Harms of Quail Eggs

Many people know about the benefits of quail eggs. But not everyone knows how to take this useful product, as well as the dangers of quail eggs.
A quail is a small bird known for laying small eggs in a speck. The eggs are really small. When compared with chicken, they are approximately 5 times smaller.
the weight of one egg is about 10 – 12 g, and the weight of a chicken egg is somewhere in the range of 50 – 60 g.


The main thing you should immediately pay attention to is that quail eggs never have salmonella, because the body temperature of the bird is higher than 40 degrees, and at this temperature microorganisms do not survive. This means the following: quail eggs can be eaten raw without fear.

In addition, poultry farms do not need to use antibiotics or other drugs to prevent epidemics. Therefore, this product can be considered environmentally friendly.

If quail eggs are subjected to heat treatment, some of the nutrients are reduced. Therefore, this product is best consumed raw.

The benefits of quail eggs:

  • only one quail egg contains the daily norm of cholesterol, as well as protein, vitamins K, E, D, A, group B, essential trace elements: magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, potassium;
  • low calorie and high nutritional value will help to monitor weight. Useful eggs and those who are obese, overweight people. 2 eggs can be eaten per day;
  • quail eggs also contain folic acid, proteins, polyunsaturated fats – this has a beneficial effect on the health and beauty of every woman;
  • this product is also useful for men, because if you take 2 to 3 eggs daily, you can increase male strength without resorting to synthetic drugs;
  • for children, eggs are an indispensable product, because it is a source of vitamins and minerals. Quail eggs help maintain mental ability, develop memory, give strength. On a day, a child under 6 years old can be given 1 to 2 eggs, and a schoolboy can be given 2 or even 3 eggs;
  • eggs are also used for medicinal purposes in order to improve the condition in such diseases: diseases of the stomach and intestines, dysbiosis in the acute stage and chronic form, with iron deficiency, after suffering colds and viral diseases, with poisoning, nervous overwork, allergic reactions. Quail eggs are especially useful for pregnant and lactating women.


Like any product, quail eggs can also harm the human body if consumed in excess.

Before you drink a raw egg or eat boiled, you need to find out the shelf life of the product, as well as storage rules. You need to store eggs in the refrigerator, preventing the temperature from rising above + 10 degrees.

Shelf life is 3 months. If the temperature regime is not observed, then eggs can be stored within a week and then it is advisable to boil them.

Harmful quail eggs:

  • people with chronic liver diseases, diabetes and atherosclerosis should not eat more than 5 pcs per day;
  • allergic people need to use the product with extreme caution;
  • people with gallstone disease, as well as those people whose body does not absorb protein well, need to use quail eggs very carefully.

How to use

Children under the age of 3 can be given 1, maximum 2 eggs a day, and not more often than 1 – 2 times a week.

Children of primary school age (up to 10 years) can be given 2 to 3 eggs per day, high school students (from 10 to 15 years) – 4 or even 5 eggs per day.

Adults are also allowed to eat 5 to 6 pcs. (age up to 50 years), and people over 50 years of age need to reduce the amount of the daily norm and eat 4 eggs per day.

To feel the benefits and improve your health, you need to eat eggs daily for 2 weeks, then take a month-long break.

Eggs are taken raw, about 30 minutes before the start of the main meal. Eggs can be washed down with milk, water and even juice. But tea is forbidden.

If a child cannot drink a raw egg, then it must be mixed in food: add to porridge, mashed potatoes or soup. The temperature of the finished dish should not be too high, otherwise the useful properties of quail eggs are greatly reduced.

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